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I have to laugh when I look at the drawing for this painting.  It’s a mess.   I sketched the painting on a panel on which I had a previous sketch of a scene I decided not to paint.   It’s difficult to erase sketches on a textured surface so I just drew the second one over the first.

Notice that I began by painting a stripe from top to bottom rather than blocking out large areas of similar color according to the standard painting technique.  In this painting the color range doesn’t change much from left to right.  The big changes are from top to bottom.  So the first task was to adjust the colors, lightness and brilliance of the mountain in the distance relative to the mountain in the foreground.  Once I made that adjustment I could move horizontally, keeping the same colors.


40" x 30"

Image showing progressions of creating the oil painting Backlighted Aspen on Mountaintop by Richard Tiberius
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