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Engelmann Spruce in Yellowstone National Park oil painting by Richard Tiberius 1920 full.w


Richard Tiberius painting with palette knife

Richard was born in Long Island, New York, in 1941. He has lived the North, the South and on both coasts of the United States and for many years in Canada. Living in this variety of regions has contributed to the range of his subjects. Richard’s art is devoted to celebrating the beauty and complexity of plants and animals. Trees are his favorite subject. Painting with knives instead of brushes enables him to use thick applications of paint, sculpted to depict his subjects with an extraordinary appearance of depth.

Richard’s studio, in Washington DC, contains a library of trail guides from more than half a dozen countries, scores of national parks, and wilderness conservation areas as well as plant identification books and scientific botany texts. In his words, “I believe that both direct observation of plants in their natural habitat and reading scientific works on the subjects are important to achieve the kind of thorough understanding of the subject that helps me achieve my goal of capturing the unique character of each species.

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