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26" x 20"


The Lake through the Trees oil painting by Richard Tiberius

Click the thumbnails on the left to see a section of the painting in greater detail.



Limited edition signed giclée prints can be ordered in the Shop.


Personally I think lakes look more interesting when viewed through the trees. At least this is the argument I always give to cottage owners whenever they talk about clear-cutting the trees in front of their cottages so that they could have an unobstructed view of their lake.

Despite the yellow color of the leaves, this is not a fall scene. In the midday sun these leaves were green. But when struck by evening sunlight at just the right angle, they appear yellow. Also, in evening light the birch bark glows because the sun shines right through the thin peals of bark lighting them up like candles.

These Paper Birch (Betula papyrifera) are at the very edge of the lake. It’s a good place for a young birch because they need lots of sun, but there is a downside. Summer storms and winter ice will eventually undermine them and they will bend out toward the lake. Eventually it will fall into the water, providing a refuge for little fish.

In the foreground is a little Red Oak (Quercus rubra). If I were to revisit this place in the fall, the leaves of this oak would be brilliant red. As much as I would like to show this brilliant red, the artistic license that I allow myself doesn’t stretch to mixing the seasons. Fortunately, a few of the shrubs at the shoreline are in the process of shedding some lower leaves, which turn bright orange.

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