Welcome to the art of father and daughter Richard and Kiry Tiberius.


  • Article in SoMi Magazine

    Richard and Kiry Tiberius are a father and daughter team who paint in oil with the use of palette knives on board. They have mastered an extremely exacting technique that requires upwards of 50 hours of work for each painting. The results are highly textural and detailed works of art. “We try to tell a […]
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  • We are officially the Tiberius Art Studio

    You may have guessed, from the updates to the website, that Kiry Tiberius has officially joined her father, Richard, to form the Tiberius Art Studio.  They have worked together on and off for many years, but recently have developed a shared space where they can more easily exchange ideas about composition and techniques.
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  • The Washington Post features Richard Tiberius

    Artists don’t retire Tiberius, now 73, figured that between his wife’s income, his Social Security benefits and the pension from his time as a researcher in Toronto, he could afford to spend more time in the studio at his Coconut Grove home. But he wasn’t ready to quit the university. “When you’re cultivating something , […]
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